Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thank-you Friends!

I have a sweet friend from the deep South, and her name is Autumn. Over the past year she has sent me such thoughtful surprises. Yesterday the mailman brought a package that had this wonderful bee-themed journal made by Autumn. It is adorned with the cutest little felted bee. Sitting on top of the journal is a felted beehive that Autumn sent to me last year. I cherish these things as well as so many others that I have received from my farmgirl friends. It's funny, most of these gals I have never met face to face. We e-mail, send letters and cards and wonderful surprises to each other. We know each other's life stories and share our good times and bad. Distance is all that separates us from one another. We all long to be closer, to run to each other to borrow a cup of sugar or share a cup of tea. Most of us keep online blogs and read each others' regularly to stay on top of happenings.

I am so fortunate to have so many "sisters" to share my life with. If it were another era, we would all live in the same small town. But the world has grown so and we are truly blessed to have the world of cyberspace to reach out to each other through.
So here it is gals....I cherish our friendships and never feel alone. I hope to one day meet you each face to face! You have all woven yourselves into the fabric of my life and I love you for that! Autumn, Jess, Sheryl, Maryjane, Grace, Kathie, Steph, Bonne, Sharon, Tina Michelle, Bonnie, Georgann, Debi, Carol Sue, Denise, Linda,Kim, Amy and all of my other acquaintances who grace the pages of my blog comments. Thank you for sharing with me.
Just in case you were wondering, I plan to use this lovely journal inside the door of our new farmhouse which will be finished within the year. It will become my guest book. I only hope that each and everyone of you will make your way to Bee Haven Acres for a visit and sign this book.

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auntgeorge said...

What a lovely and oh so thoughtful gift. Using it for a guest book is a great idea. Bev you are just the sweetest bee of them all.

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