Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vintage Gift

Is this not the most beautiful piece of crochet work ever? I received this as a surprise in the mail from my friend Georgann. Georgann has been a long time sewing inspiration for me. She comes up with absolutely incredible creations! I can hardly wait to add this to an apron. I think tomorrow I will remove the padlock from my sewing room and try to come up with something special for this wonderful gift. Thanks so much, Georgann!!


Anonymous said...

hope you didn't loose the key..I'm afraid that door would become an axe victim..enjoy

Memaw's memories said...

I just finished one similar to this for my granddaughter. It's to be framed and go on her bedroom wall.

Yours is quite beautiful.

KKJD1 said...

WOW what beautiful art work, well I guess you can call it that. I can tell you none of my crochet ever looks that pretty. Cant wait to see it on an apron. Have a great week. Blessings, Karen

auntgeorge said...

I'm so glad that you like it. I saw it languishing on a shelf in an antique store and thought it needed to fly up to PA to have a new life on one of your exquisite aprons!!!! I am keeping my eyes open for unusual doilies for you. Oh, and did you say 57 doilies??????? WOW girl you are going to have that machine smokin!!!!

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