Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quiet, Wintery Days...

...are good for so many things that I ordinarily cannot take the time for....such as reading a good book. You might like to check out Eckhart Tolle's newest..."A New Earth...Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" It is a fascinating look into the motivations behind human behavior and how destructive our egos can be. This is one book I would place on my "Books that every human being needs to read" list. Today has also been a great day to get caught up on correspondence.

A quick walk with the dogs was followed up by a bit of quilting. I am almost finished with a quilt top in a "crossing paths" pattern.

I took a little break from quilting to make this little needle case from wool felt. The bee and the doorway are needle felted onto the front. This one is my own design. The cottage needle keeper is from a free pattern on Patternbee.com.


Kim said...

Hello Beverly. I love the little cottage and beehive, they are sooo sweet. Another thing we have in common is my Sister's name is Beverley! And yes, I think Merlin would love to play with Moonbeam (and so would I, he's sooo beautiful), although he would tower over little Merlin who's only about 12 hands at the moment!

Thanks for dropping by again

Love Kim x

Anonymous said...

love the cottage and the beehive..the quilt is very pretty..great job..don't know how you get so much done

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