Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day....The Winner Is....

Happy Valentine's Day! All of the gals who visited my drawing post went into a hat this morning and danced around together. Then we pulled a name! And the winner is....Nasbabe!!! You can visit Nash's online store here, as she is quite the soaper, apronista, and candlemaker! Nash, I will be sending your goodie out in the mail today!

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog....this was so much fun for me! Have a wonderful, love-filled day!!!

To my husband...Being married to you makes every day the happiest day of my life!
To my "kids"....I love you more than you know (someday you will love your own children and understand what I mean). I am proud of you for the caring adults that you are becoming!
To my parents....Thank you for the love, understanding and foundation that you so willingly gave to me.
To my are the sunshine that fills each of my days with joy!
Happy Valentine's Day

1 comment:

nashbabe said...

Gosh, thanks. I have the crud right now and this was such a nice thing to learn about as I work on recuperating. You're a dear. Or should I say, a Queen Bee? :-)

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