Saturday, February 16, 2008

Felt Cottages and Ribbon Posies

On my travels through cyberspace I came across a couple of sets of instructions. The first was for a felt needle keeper in the shape of a little cottage. This one is my version. All of my sewing needles are safely tucked inside of it.

For some reason these little ribbon posies also caught my eye. I am sure at some point I will find some item that will be in need of embellishment....and these will come in handy. Who knows, perhaps next Christmas my packages will all be adorned with red ribbon Poinsettias. They are quick and easy!


Autumn said...

I just love the cottage needle keeper. I made mine on Saturday night!
How big are the ribbon posies? They are adorable!!!
I know it sounds crazy but I need small projects like this to do amidst the big ones going on. Crazy,huh?

Bonne said...

I love the ribbon posies!! Adorable for embellishment on aprons etc. etc etc!! hugs, B

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