Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do You Believe?

Do you believe in fairies, and gnomes, and elves, and angels, and Santa Claus? Some people say "seeing is believing", but I think that believing is seeing! The world is full of magic if you only open your eyes....but not the eyes that connect to the brain. No, you must open the eyes that connect to your heart...and you will see a much different world than you are used to.

A long time ago, when I was a child, I found a fairie in the woods. She was very small and very young and she was lost. It seems that she had been out with her fairie sisters coloring wildflowers. She had become particularly entranced by a honeybee gathering sweet nectar and fallen behind the rest of the group. I found her huddled in a hollowed-out tree stump with a tear in her eye. She was very surprised that I could actually see her (most people walk right past fairies everyday and never see them!) and explained to me that because I believed.....I could see. I offered her my outstretched hand and she climbed aboard. She has been with me ever since.

Occasionally someone will ask me how it is that I get so very much done in one day and I usually reply that I have the help of fairies. I must admit...I fib a bit, because I have only had the help of one Daisy Weatherbee Honeypot. She is a wee bit older than when I first found her, but since fairies do not age as quickly as humans, she is still quite young. And....she is quite industrious and brings a touch of magic to every one of my days!


Bonne said...

Most definitely! They live in the realm just below our physical world and that's why sometimes are seen~sometimes not. I try and attract "things" to my garden. Maybe it's time to attract some to my sewing machines!! LOL

Kim said...

Me tooooo :) Although mine aren't nearly as pretty as yours. They live at our field and resemble the Brian Froud fairies. They are quite tricksy and cause all sorts of trouble :)

kathyann said...

Reading your post made me smile,I remember when the girls were younger,if I had been really busy and had crammed a lot into my day making them things through the night to have them ready for the next day and they would say"gosh mum how did you do that"and I would always say"Don't you know, I had help from the faeries at the bottom of the garden" and I also say "I'm away with the faeries" when I'm in a silly mischievious mood! Who knows did I get help from them? Were they the ones who were making mischief?mmmm... who knows! lol
Love from Kathyann and the girls

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