Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Diving Into the World of Free Motion Quilting

Sadly, I have not had much time for sewing lately. However, I did take the time for a lesson in how to use my quilting machine. I love the machine....it sews like a dream. What I learned at the class was how to do free-motion machine quilting. This is a really slick and quick way to quilt. I tried my hand at a wandering stitch. The only rule with this stitch is this: you start quilting and fill up your entire space with stitching...but you may never cross a line that you have already stitched. It was a bit of a challenge and I might add that I did cross my line a few times. But, all in all, I think it turned out OK and I am happy with my first little project. This is a carry all for sewing or crafting tools when travelling or going to class, etc.


smoothiejuice said...

very cute little tote..i may need to study it a bit as it looks handy and i can steal your design.

Autumn said...

I agree Jess- very handy indeed!
Great gift idea too!
Good job Bev!

mimi said...

It's very nice. I envy your quilting machine. They look like so much fun!

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