Friday, February 29, 2008

Heading Out of Town.....N.C. Bound

Well, a week has passed and I have not gotten a single chance to sew....How can this be? And now that my work and errands are all caught up and potentially I could sew for he next three days while my DH is on call and busy with work....well, no sewing for me now, either. I am leaving this morning to drive to North Carolina. I checked on flights, but they were astronomical. It would be lovely to arrive in 1 1/2 hours rather than at the end of an 8 hour drive.....but I just cannot justify that expense simply for the comfort of my Bum!!! So, down interstate 81 I go in about an hour. The drive is actually quite lovely and the reaization that the further I go, the warmer it will be is delightful.

My golf clubs are case. Perhaps Saturday we will take a trip to see the Biltmore Estate. Our itinerary is open for now. We always have a great mother/son time so I am not worried. Andy is my youngest... an engineer, 23 and single, and quite handsome if a Mom is allowed to say that! He is in the process of searching for his first home to buy. So I think we will look at a little real estate also.

Well, I will be back on Monday with pictures. Have a lovely weekend!

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Anonymous said...

have a great time with safely...enjoy your trip

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