Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainy Day?

Thankfully, was supposed to be a day of blueberry picking and garden weeding, however, the weather has dictated otherwise. I tried to make good use of my free morning by spending a little time on the sewing machine. I have been saving this yummy fabric for a new apron. A little pattern tweaking, and this is the reversible that I came up with:
I keep changing my pattern...this one evolved into a sweetheart neckline with unusual pocket detail. Embellished with yo-yo's, buttons, doilys....whatever I can find! size fits all!


Katmom said...

once again, you amaze me w/your eye for design, color & style.
I so need to be your neighbor so I can peek over the fence to see your lovely aprons blowing in the breeze on the clothes line.
You are so talented.

nitegardener said...

What a REALLY Lovely Apron Bev!
The Doilie Just make it all come together .. didn't it! I Love it!

You are amazing Woman!

love ya!


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