Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What I Love About Central PA

This morning I decided to take a drive through the countryside to a quilt shop I had never visited previously. I am so glad I had my camera! So much of what I saw are typical sights throughout rural Central PA.

Stately old country churches
Road-side markets
Old stone taverns
Unusual landmarks
Picturesque log homes
Amish buggies


Queen of Dreamsz said...

What a beautiful part of our USA!! I've never traveled up the east coast (yet)...I love love the old church, tavern, log house..all of it. Such good energy!

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures..good illustrations of beautiful central Pa

Bonne said...

PA is beautiful!! I drove through as a teenager and remember the mountainous area as standing out in my mind (hairpin curves) Being raised in MN , I had never seen winding curves in mtns like that b/4.
I also remember smelling Pittsburgh from 30 miles away~mind you this was in the '70's. LOL

Autumn said...

PA has always been top on my list of.."Places I want to visit"- maybe someday!!
Thanks for a peek into the area where you live. Right now I would settle for a relaxing drive anywhere!!!

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