Sunday, July 27, 2008


Satisfaction is a weed-free garden at the height of blooming...filled with butterflies and honey bees! But oh, the hours it takes to accomplish this. Sad to think that this garden that I have worked so hard to cultivate over the past few years will cease to exist after this summer. A new front porch will occupy this space in the next year. And so, I will start over....a new weeds.

Such is life.....


Katmom said...

hey Bev,
I love your little "Garden of Weeden'"...can you save some of your plants, the echenseia(sp)(cone flower) and your butterfly bush, maybe transplant them or pot them up for their future new home?
I currently have 5 small butterfly bushes, all lite-med purple and even my little hummi-bird friends like them.
Have a wonderful day, and be sure to post pic's of the soon to be construction of your beautiful home...a new craft/sewing room is in the plans???? think big girlfriend, think big... lol!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

The flowers are so pretty and it's so just think when you're sitting on your new porch you'll have all that good energy that you lovingly worked into the soil right below you!! Now how much better can it get?!!

Anonymous said...

maybe you could save some of your perenials in pots..esp if you pot them up late in the could keep them in pots next year or put them in your veggie garden and dig them up again when you are ready for your new garden

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