Monday, July 7, 2008

Re-purposed Glass

Lately I have resolved to consume products with recyclable packaging or packaging that I can put to later use personally. I am paying attention to boxed items such as cereal and crackers to assure that those manufacturers are using %100 post consumer recycled paper in their packaging and then returning those packages to our own paper recycling bin. I have tried whenever possible to avoid plastic containers. We buy our milk in glass, returnable bottles. Plastic deli containers are saved and re-used for leftovers. I carry my own cloth grocery bags. My goal is to eventually never buy another plastic item unless it is %100 recyclable. Although glass containers are recyclable, I have tried lately to find alternate uses for used glass containers. We often use large jars as drinking glasses and this lovely juice bottle has been repurposed as a home brewed ice tea decanter. A new label and a fancy lid cover make it quite attractive. Next time you grocery shop, think about what you are buying. Can it's packaging be recycled, or repurposed?


My Artful Heart said...

Love the look of the looks yummy. I LOVE mint :)It is great recycling bottles for re-usage within the home.

Katmom said...

Bev, U-R such an inspiration...ok, so now my canning jars will go into use as drinking glasses when not being used for canning(jars are getting empty & garden isn't quit ready for harvest)...I wish I were your next door neighbor, 'cuz I would be hanging out by the clothes line chatting w/U to get more inspirations...
p.s., DH will be putting up my new 'solar dryer' this weekend. Just need to pick up some concrete for the posts holes. No more make shift clothes line to dry clothes on. Yeah!

Katmom said...

Oh Duh!!!!! I just noticed the precious "YO-YO" placemat!!! Oh My Goodness, is that ever CUTE!!! luv the to my craft room to "copy" your idea,,,,hummm, wonder what colors of fabric I have,,,might have to make a trip into town to find the 'perfect' color og fabrics!!! See the mischief you started??? LOL!

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