Friday, July 18, 2008

Taking Time to Appreciate...

There are scenes from some movies that stay with you forever and become part of who you are. Perhaps the reason for this is that they were already a part of you before someone else added them to a movie. One particular scene that resonated with me was from the movie "City of Angels." Do you remember that one? The scene(s) were of the angels along the coastline lining up each morning and each evening to watch the sunrise and sunset. I have tried whenever possible to be aware of the beauty of each day's sunrise and sunset, although sometimes I am just too involved in other activities. But, it remains a personal goal.

A couple of nights ago, we hit the local bike trail with dogs in tow with the expressed interest in catching the sun as it set over the cornfield. We were held up slightly by a passerby with another Newfie like our Maddie (of course we had to stop for pictures!) (Yes, that is Maddie on the left!)

We eventually said goodby to Maddie's new friend, Jerry, and found just the perfect spot....and the sun began to set.

With reverence, we watched as our life-giving sun transformed to a fiery orb and decended to the horizon while washing the sky with gold and crimson watercolors. The end of another perfect day had come right on schedule, with the promise that tomorrow would bring a repeat performance.

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Margie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I had to come over and look at yours, and WOW! It's wonderful! I read alot of it, but I will have to come back later and read more! Your aprons are gorgeous, and I see that you are a FarmGirl too! And that pink bike! Oh, I WANT one of those, that would get me to the post office in style!

It's been very nice meeting you!

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