Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas House Tour.....Part 6

Happy Holidays!
And, welcome to my kitchen....the hub of the house....also known as Cookie Central.
Today the flour starts flying...and will continue throughout the rest of the week.
Since I am spending most of my time here today,
I thought I would show you how I decorated the kitchen.
I have continued the snowman theme from the living room
right through the dining room and into the kitchen.
Jacques the pig will greet you with a little chalkboard message
from his home on the island.
Just across from Jacques, Santa beckons with a plate of freshly baked scones.
A little greenery brightens up the windowsill.
A snowman quilt that I made last year hangs on the wall.
Snowflakes dangle above the island.
My little corner shelves are home to a set of adorable snowmen...playing in the snow.
The pantry door apron is gone and replaced with this vintage Snowflake Sugar sign.
Sparkling snowflake magnets dance across the front of the refrigerator.
A little greenery and a candle light has found a home in the old coffee grinder.
Oh, do stay and visit for a while....the cookies are almost done.
We could have tea and cookies and talk of Christmases past and Christmases yet to be......



I love it all, the snowflakes hanging are a great touch. Have fun making your cookies. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your decorations and your house. We have a log house too and I love decorating it, but my husband doesn't care for all the decorations, so I don't get to do too much. Thanks for sharing your home.

Katmom said...

Hey Bev,
I LOVE your Snowmen collection....I have a few on my entry table...
They are just so cute, whimsical & dare I say,,,mischivious!
p.s....I can smell those yummy cookies & scones way over here in Spokane!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Your snowmen are delightful. Your kitchen is warm and inviting. Tea and cookies sounds wonderful! Blessings for a wonderful day! :) Tammy

Anonymous said...

ya shoulda told me you were baking today..we would have come up and taken in the wonderful smells...and waited for some broken bits

Carol............. said...

As usual you are the master of filling your posts with welcoming things!

I love to visit!

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2009 said...

yum...I'd love a scone! :) Love the snowflakes hanging!

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